Hina Wrote 600 Instead Of 60 & Got Trolled On Twitter In The Most Epic Way-Big Boss 11

Jan 1, 2018

On Tuesday’s episode, the housemates were set tasks to impress the guests, comprising their relatives and friends. The first round was of cooking, which Shilpa Shinde won.

Scoreboards had been put up in the lawn area, and Bigg Boss asked Hina Khan, this week’s captain, to put 60 on Shilpa's board. There were slots for three digits. Instead of 060, Hina wrote 600. After she came back to her place, Bigg Boss called out her name and said, “It’s 60, not 600.”

Hina went back to correct it but she was not able to understand how to rectify it until Luv and other contestants told her to put a zero before 6. she managed to write 60.

Twitterati were quick to smell blood, branding Hina the “dumbest” of all.

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