Bigg Boss 11 The contestants are Excited to Meet their Loved Ones and Family Members

Jan 1, 2018

The hopefuls are eager to meet their friends and family. Then, the relatives wake up and do some giggling works out. Vikas' mom discusses how individuals have been inquiring as to whether Shillpa will get hitched to her son.The candidates are given the assignment of making blessing crates for their friends and family. Every one of them pack and beautify the profitable things that they need to blessing their friends and family. 

Bigg Boss requests that the guardians judge the best blessing. They can't choose a champ as every one of them are sincerely connected to their presents. Bigg Boss gives them a chance to think for some time. Rough says that he will pull out from this race as he needs everybody to meet their family members.Big Boss reveals to them that he comprehends their feelings and emotions. Consequently, he reports that every one of the competitors can meet their friends and family. Bigg Boss requests that Hina set the scoreboard to zero. 

Priyank's mom comes in first. He holds his ears and apologizes to her. Them two separate and embrace each other. She meets the candidates through an entryway and leaves the house.Luv's mom comes in next and even he gets enthusiastic on observing her. Luv's mom remains quiet and consoles him. The housemates say that she is extremely solid. 

Puneesh meets Bandagi and continues kissing her on the cheeks.Bandagi at that point meets every one of the challengers and reveals to them that she misses them a great deal. She says thanks to Akash for being with Puneesh. Hina remains on the garden and Puneesh and Shilpa ridicule her. 

Hina embraces Rocky and he kisses her on the cheeks. Hina inquires as to whether she can win the show and he says that she will win without a doubt. 

Puneesh, Akash and Shilpa talk about Vikas' arrangement for the amusement. Shilpa imagines that he will be smashed if Priyank is expelled from the house. Puneesh and Akash ask for her to inconvenience him considerably more.

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